We have multi-talented partnerships around the United States, and can deliver a dynamic production team anywhere in the world. We feature animators, editors, videographers, photographers, script writers, book authors, you name it.

Diverse products, oh yes. From fishing show pilots to a story about how the Navy is turning garbage into harmless ash. From the poignant story of a charity that supplies eyeglasses for Africa to a sequence of animated robots and a guided trip through an Immersive Infantry Trainer at Camp Pendleton, CA.

We even produced a video that was selected as the top Navy Documentary for 2010, and premiered “The Gypsy Cowman”, a documentary about Cowboy poet Owen Badgett and Eastern Montana, at the Lone Pine Film Festival in Lone Pine, CA and in Miles City, Montana. The documentary was a semi finalist at the Bayou Film Festival.
Neon Lines was established in 1999 in Inyokern, California. Since that time we have produced multi media projects ranging from high tech research stories to a look at a one-woman charity that delivers thousands of eye glasses to Africa.

A Few Words About Us

LL Photo 1 copyOwner Linda Lou Crosby is an eclectic blend of creativity and delivery, which results in top notch products. Her resume includes over 20 years of experience. She worked in the news for KPFK Public Radio, and radio theater there with “Dimensions of Imagination” and produced News and Documentaries for KCET Public Television, gathering an Emmy award nomination for “Fairplay in Sports”. Supporting the US Navy mission, she has received numerous commendations, including those from the Chief of Naval Research at ONR; the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Research and Development; the Commanders Award from the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division; accolades from the Commander of Naval Aviation in the Pacific, and generally enjoys bringing the mission of those who support this nation to center stage. She is currently Director Change Communication – Multi Media Messaging for the Centerfor Risk Communication.


What Makes Us Spark?

“Imagineering in Color” is what sparks our creative talent. For more information please call us at (760) 382-1706.