Eyes on Africa Gypsy Cowman Promo Cantrell and Company Eye of the Storm COAMPS BOTS Navy ManTech Building the Navy's Future Force MAGS ONR Global
Eyes on Africa "Eyes on Africa" is a tribute to a caring and industrious woman, Sherry Grigsby, who has been supplying eye glasses to Africa, through her one-woman charity. We at Neon Lines had the opportunity to meet and work with Sherry and tell the story of her Eyes on Africa charity.
Gypsy Cowman Promo © Linda Lou Crosby Video promo for the documentary "The Gypsy Cowman...A Vanishing Breed." The documentary is about honor, the power of a handshake - and the vanishing cowboy. The full length documentary premiered at the Lone Pine Film Festival, in Lone Pine, California, in 2009 and was produced in partnership with the Lone Pine Film Festival organization. The subject of the video is cowboy Poet Owen Badgett and the ranches of Eastern Montana. Enter a world where Badgett has no electricity, and no running water, and writes his stories and poetry by his oil lamp. The full version is available for purchase at the website.
Cantrell and Company "Cantrell and Company" was produced by Neon Lines at Big Bear Lake California as a pilot for a fishing show. Fishing guide John Cantrell is the host.
COAMPS Eye of the Storm We produced a video for the Office of Naval Research called "The Eye of the Storm" on current advancements in predicting the intensity of storms. Understanding the track and the intensity of a major storm, in time, can help save lives. This prediction model, COAMPS, was one of those used to predict the intensity and track of a recent typhoon Haiyan as it raced towards the Philippines.
BOTS These animated BOTS were created by Neon Lines for a promotional piece to announce an upcoming Washington DC event.
Navy ManTech Building the Navy's Future Force Navy ManTech saves money and time, and improves future warfighting capabilities. Produced by Neon Lines for the Office of Naval Research.
MAGS Imagine a system that takes 100 lbs of trash and turns it into 5 lbs of harmless ash and creates more energy than it uses. It's called the Micro Auto Gasification System - or MAGS. Currently being tested by Marines in HI. Produced by Neon Lines for ONR.
ONR Global The Office of Naval Research Global reaches out with scientific diplomacy to scientists worldwide, bringing discoveries back to the US and US Navy. These discoveries can not only help our US Sailors and Marines, but can benefit the world.