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“Adventures With Ragweed: A Collection of Whimsical Tales”

by Linda Lou Crosby

PRESS RELEASE March 5, 2014 Contact Linda Lou Crosby, Cell 760-382-1706 E-Mail NeonLines
Montana Author Linda Lou Crosby Releases New Book "Adventures With Ragweed: A Collection of Whimsical Tales"
Known for her story telling as a journalist, film director and Navy video producer, Linda Lou Crosby has added one more achievement to her list - author. Crosby has penned a compilation of humorous short stories: Adventures with Ragweed: A Collection of Whimsical Tales. The book is beautifully illustrated by Andy Atkins. There is also an animated video online at ragweedadventures.com The book will be available online at Amazon starting March 5. For Kindle users, digital copies will be free March 5 and March 6. Ragweed and Marney are two main characters in the book who venture onto various adventures with surprising results; especially surprising to Ragweed's parents who are continually caught off guard by the unusual outcomes of each escapade. The local author is no stranger to adventure herself. Crosby was a touring professional tennis player in the US and Europe, an Emmy nominee for her KCET documentary "Fairplay in Sports," produced a documentary on wild horses and burros, and was awarded as a humor columnist. Crosby's most recent documentary, "The Gypsy Cowman," premiered in Lone Pine during the 2009 Film Festival, also in Miles City, Montana in 2009 and in 2010 reached the semi-finals of the Louisiana Bayou Film Festival. To learn more about Crosby and the book visit: ragweedadventures.com Books are available on Amazon.