Our Services

Video: Documentaries, Animation, MultiMediaMessages NeonLines produces videos with subjects ranging from "Eyes on Africa" (a charity) to "Autonomous Swarmboats" (a high tech Navy program that got over 460,000 hits on youtube) to "Navy Recruitment" (a hiring tool). Neon Lines' expertise comes to life in crafting visual messages that address viewer concerns, while at the same time providing new insights and entertainment. To find out more about our products and services, please contact us. The Team: Our team includes an award winning photographer, Hart Broesel, an award winning writer, Linda Lou Crosby, an Emmy nominated video producer, Linda Lou Crosby, and multiple terrific videographers and production geniuses from coast to coast, Phocus Video and Virgin Moon Productions. Strategic Communication: MultiMediaMessages We are specialists in the art of crafting MultiMediaMessages based on risk communication principles, that address audience concerns. Writing: Video Scripts, Magazine and Newspaper Columns, Radio shows, Books, TV documentaries.