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Ragweed Humor Book Contest Winners Announced

Ingomar, Montana, March 29, 2016 – We have our winners for the Ragweed Humor Book Contest!!!!

Wahoooooo and congratulations to our wonderful winners: Gwen Petersen, our Grand Prize Winner, and Aimee and (father) James Dziadulewicz, our First Place Picture Book winners. We were looking for a fun book, that made us laugh, and we got it.

Gwen Petersen is a remarkable person and author, and we highly advise you get a copy of her grand prize-winning, “Older Than Dirt – The Musical,” and keep in touch with her Gwen Petersen gets a $100 Amazon card, as the Grand Prize Winner, and both winners are getting a copy of Linda Lou Crosby’s award-winning book “Adventures with Ragweed,” and $ell More eBook$, by Lucinda Sue Crosby and Laura Dobbins. Gwen’s advice for those who want to write humor books is, “Watch comedians, read humor. Figure out the difference between clever, intelligent wit and stupid, tasteless garbage. Listen to stories around you. Avoid associating with Debbie Downer folk. Do not put up with woe-is-me cling-on folk. Listen to music. Have lunch often with those who love to laugh. Ride your horse till you’re too stove-up to climb in the saddle.” ’nuff said. If you would like to see Gwen performing in the near future, she is “…doing poetry at the annual Hell’s-A-Roarin’ Horse Drive in May. Go online to Hell’s-A-Roarin’ Horse Drive and learn all about it.” Sounds fun to us Gwen!

Our whimsical, beautiful, intriguing Picture Book Winner, is, “1000 Eggs – A Mystery Adventure.” It is a father/daughter creation, with wonderful artistry, and a captivating story. Find out more about James (Jim) by emailing him at, or visit his website at How did the 1000 Eggs book come to be? According to Jim, “When Aimee was six years old she was watching me do computer animation.   She is creative and asked me if I could make anything she could imagine on the computer. I said, ‘Yep pretty much.’  Aimee was making her own little story books at the time with drawings.  Faye my youngest does the same thing now. I told Aimee if you write a story I will make the pictures and creatures you describe to me.  Then we will print a few nice copies.  Aimee wrote the basic story, over 1000 words, and I made one image.  It was an image of the Snorchel creature that Aimee described to me.  But … the story was hidden in my desk for several years.” In 2014, Jim turned towards the story again. “I really got into it. Since I worked in Hollywood for a good spell and spent many hours watching the newest 3D Disney movies, I wanted to do something different than all these movies.” Well, we are sure glad it is out there for readers world wide. A great effort for father and daughter.

KindleBookPromos is doing cool social media marketing for the winning books and authors. Each book also received a special award certificate.

Grand Prize Winner
Gwen Petersen
For the book “Older Than Dirt – The Musical”
A fun romp into old age. Gwen’s cowgirl poetry, quotes, tunes and funny quips. Humorous fanciful photographs of Gwen add a  mischievous fun.
Petersen is a talented humorist and writer. The book caught our eye and definitely made us laugh, a lot. A wonderful humor book Grand Prize Winner!! Congratulations Gwen! Gwen’s website is at Her email is

First Place Picture Book
Aimee and James Dziadulewicz
For the book “1000 Eggs – A Mystery Adventure”
A spellbinding mystery adventure about the farm boy Mack, his father Jack, from the town of Yak. Whimsical and fascinating with outstandingly beautiful drawings, told in poetry. Fun, beautiful and entertaining! Congratulations Aimee and Jim – daughter and father! James (Jim) email is His website is

About the Ragweed Humor Book Contest
The Humor Book Contest was offered by Neon Lines of Ingomar, Montana in coordination with KindleBookPromos, Judges looked for quality, attention-grabbing prose that made readers smirk, laugh out loud or embrace hard topics through the use of humor. The contest encouraged picture books to include Children, YA and Adults. Besides prizes mentioned above, winners will be listed at social media sites with book reading followers totaling over 60,000. For more info about Ragweed and Neon Lines, please email

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